Recovering from injury or surgery can be a challenging and uncertain time. Here at Pinnacle Physiotherapy we offer a range of rehabilitation services so you can recuperate in a safe, caring and supportive environment under the careful supervision of our highly qualified Physiotherapists and fitness staff.

We offer 2 types of rehabilitation classes at Pinnacle:

Activate – These classes are for participants that may have an injury or a specific rehabilitation target.  A high level of supervision is catered for in this setting, with a maximum of 3 participants in a class.

This class will entail gym-based strength ideals, functional movement training, resistance and proprioceptive training.  This will be utilising equipment such as the reformer, trap table, and wunda chair as well as resistance bands and weights.

All programs will be individual and specific.  Your goals will be will be discussed during an initial assessment prior to starting the rehabilitation program.

The rehab program is run for 6 weeks, once complete a review appointment will be arranged to measure progress and to reset goals. spots are dedicated for rehab clients.

Dynamic – These classes are an exercise rehabilitation class run by a Physiotherapists.  This class is suitable for participants wanting to work on strength, flexibility and core to prevent further decline in health and quality of day-to-day life.  Participants will not have any acute injuries.  Although, this may be apart of an ongoing injury management process or a progression from our “Activate” classes when one’s injury or issue is stable.

A one-to-one review is undertaken with the physio instructor.  We recommend this is completed evert 12 weeks to re-set goals and ensure outcomes are being achieved.

Our Dynamic classes are run on 1:4 ratio.  A 12 week review is recommended (Health Funds require this every 6 months)

Please see “classes” for our timetable and fee schedule.

Our clinics offer a fully equipped rehabilitation studio which offers:

• Individual sessions for rehab program development.

• Group classes run by Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists.

• Post surgical rehabilitation.