Longer Appointment Times

At Pinnacle Physiotherapy we believe it takes time to deliver the best possible treatment for you. That’s why we give you longer appointments, so we can spend more time assessing and treating your problem areas.

Hands On

Longer appointments mean we get more time to actually treat you. Let’s face it – that’s the reason you come to see us. What’s more, we use our hands – not machines. Hands-on treatment is after all what we’re trained to do, and more importantly, gets the results you want.

Self Management

At Pinnacle we also involve you in your treatment. We believe that effective self management goes a long way to achieving better results, more quickly. Along with quality treatment, we will give you advice, direction and all the knowledge you need to get back on track sooner.

Team Approach

We realise that there can be many medical practitioners involved in your care, so we ensure open communication with your GP, sports physician or surgeon so that you can be confident that your treatment is based on a collaborative team approach aimed at the best possible results for you.

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

A Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist is a qualified physio who has gone on to study a Masters in Manipulative Physiotherapy. This provides specialist care for your spinal pain and peripheral injuries.