Introducing Guy Agutter

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Guy has recently joined the Pinnacle team after completing his Masters of Physiotherapy Practice at Latrobe University in 2017. Originally from East Gippsland, Guy began his studies completing a Bachelor of Exercise & Sports Science before pursuing Physiotherapy. Guy has a keen interest in sport and sporting injuries, growing up playing football, cricket and also obtaining his black belt in Taekwondo. During his studies he was employed as a personal trainer and as a sports trainer- both which have helped him develop his manual skills and an extensive exercise prescription knowledge to support his patient’s through all stages of their rehabilitation. Guy is a firm believer in Clinical Pilates and aims to take a holistic approach to reduce pain and allow an optimal return to function. In his spare time Guy loves to embrace all the peninsula has to offer, enjoying surfing and revelling in the local live music scene.

Guy is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA).

Introducing Cee Heron, Physiotherapist

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We are very happy to have Cee joining our Dromana clinic.

Usanee (Cee) graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2011. Since then she has been working in different private practices on the Mornington Peninsula gaining exposure in assessing and managing various spinal related, pelvic and sport conditions.

Cee completed a Master in Continence and Women’s/Men’s health physiotherapy through Curtin University in 2016. Her special interests include managing pelvic floor disorders such as bladder and bowel incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and sexual/pelvic pain as well as low back pain.

Cee also works part time through Monash health as a Women’s and Men’s health physiotherapist and greatly enjoys working with Monash Children’s Paediatric Continence Clinic.

Cee has also completed further training in dry needling and clinical Pilates and has been teaching clinical Pilates since graduating. Away from work, Cee loves snowboarding, rock climbing and running.

Golf specific Pilates

Gear up for Golf with Pilates

Starting on Friday 13th October to Friday December 15th, at 11am for one fun hour with Amanda, Pilates Instructor.

The classes will focus on:

  • Warm-ups
  • Improving hip stability
  • Balance
  • Flexibility
  • Upper body rotation and strength
  • and much more!

Designed to help you on and off the green.

No previous Pilates experience is necessary

Bookings can be made on a casual week to week basis OR a discounted 10 pack session is available.  Contact (03)5981 8008 to register your interest with our reception staff or for further enquiries.


Pinnacle Fitness Studio

Staff Feature: Aisling Harris


We have been extremely lucky to have Ash join our team of rockstar Pilates instructors.

Aisling grew up on the East coast of Ireland and studied a Bachelor degree in Sports and Recreation Management in Glasgow University Scotland. She returned to Ireland to manage leisure centers on the east coast of Ireland. Aisling’s interest in sport and leisure began at secondary school, when she represented Ireland at netball and was a member of the State hockey team. She graduated with a NCEF (National Certificate in Exercise and Fitness) & ITEC (Qualification in line with the European qualifications framework, in sports therapy & personal training).

After suffering from a freak accident and breaking her hip, her interest became focused on pre- and rehabilitation with Pilates becoming her passion after experiencing the benefits first hand. Aisling graduated with the NCEHS National Qualification in Pilates Mat (Michael King Pilates) in 2004 and has been teaching ever since.

Aisling continued to train extensively with many other Pilates training providers, has graduated as a yoga instructor, YSS  (A Yoga Sports Science) coach, a GP exercise referral specialist, and a BASI (Body Arts Science International) Pilates instructor. She relocated to the west of Ireland for her love of surfing, yoga and Pilates and opened a Pilates studio.

Her experience includes, programs specifically for surf athletes, Iron man, Irish dancers, swimmers, GAA (Gaelic football) teams, older clients and clients who have been referred from Allied Health and medical practitioners with specific injuries.

Aisling relocated to Melbourne in 2013, is now a Level 4 APMA member and continues to share her passion for teaching Pilates and educating clients on how to apply what they learn in the studio to the every day things that they do, to obtain the benefits long term.

Sever’s Disease


Sever’s Disease is a common cause of activity related heel pain in active growing children between the ages of 8 and 14.  It normally occurs through overuse, inappropriate footwear, pronating feet, or a period of rapid growth, resulting in the growth plate of the heel bone becoming inflamed and painful

The good news is that the pain will cease when the growth plate fuses, but it can be severe enough to require many weeks of rest from sport. Football boots will often cause more pain than runners.

Early diagnosis and management can help get our smaller athletes back on track and pain free much sooner.

To help prevent Sever’s Disease, you can these easy to manage steps:

  • Manage the volume of running in the growing athlete
  • Ensure footwear is good quality and appropriate for foot type
  • Ensure that strength throughout the limb is adequate for the chosen sport
If heel pain occurs:
  • Ice after activity
  • Modify activity levels
  • Parents can massage their child’s calves
  • Consider footwear assessment
If this doesn’t work, your physiotherapist can:
  • Help identify weaknesses or muscle tightness
  • Initiate biomechanical correction through strength control for the foot, ankle, hip and knee
  • Advise regarding footwear and recommend inserts for the runner or boots if appropriate
  • Guide a graduated return to activity
Occasionally Sever’s Disease can be extremely painful and limiting.  In these cases, you physiotherapist may suggest that you see a Sports Physician who can help to further investigate the diagnosis if required.  They can also advise on other anti-inflammatory options, including topical gels and creams or sometimes iontophoresis, a method that allows potent anti-inflammatory medication to be delivered transdermally (across the skin).
All of the physiotherapists at Pinnacle Physiotherapy Mornington and Dromana are trained to assess and treat children with Sever’s Disease.  Please call our clinics for more information on (03)5975 7086 – Mornington or (03)5981 8008 Dromana.
Written by Peter Gayfer, Physiotherapist and Director at Pinnacle Physiotherapy and Pilates.

Achieve Your Peak Challenge

Achieve Your Peak Challenge

Wanting to lose weight and tone up?
Take the guess work out of achieving your goals with Pinnacle’s “Achieve Your Peak” Challenge.


Composition Nutrition/State of Mind Therapy and Pinnacle Fitness Studio Present…

The Achieve Your Peak Challenge

Achieve YOUR peak fitness and wellness goals with our “Achieve Your Peak” Challenge in February 2016. Combining the knowledge of leading experts on the Peninsula, this challenge brings you the best of all three fundamental elements of health:
Mind Set- Nutrition- Exercise

  1. Scan Thursday 4th Feb 6:30-8.00pm

It all starts with a Scan night where you will have access to a Bioelectrical impedance analysis machine.  This machine determines our body composition by sending a light and harmless electric current through your body. Your body is made up of various masses such as fat, muscles, bones, and water and they each conduct electricity in different ways. By measuring the electric resistance of these masses, the test is able to accurately measure what percentage of total body weight is made up from each.  For example a simple scale may read 70kg, but the BIA machine can help determine what percentage of this is skeletal muscle mass, total body fat or visceral fat (plus other variants).
More information on the Body Composition analysis machine can be found at the website

  1. Information session about results

The scan is then followed by an information session presented by Nick Sutherland (State of Mind Therapy) on how to interpret the readings that you will receive from the Body Composition analysis machine. He will discuss body composition and why it’s important and how it is influenced by our mental, nutritional and physical health habits.  .
More information about Nick can be found at the website

  1. Learn more about the ‘Achieve Your Peak’ Challenge

Presented by Michelle King, Pinnacle’s Exercise Physiologist and Kimi Broadbent, Pinnacle’s Director of Pilates. You will be able to register your set goal and commit to participating in group training sessions for the duration of the 6 week challenge.

The cost for two scans is $60 (Normally $45 a scan) with the inclusion of the free information session with Nick Sutherland – Psychotherapist (Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Counselling).  Please register your interest with Michelle or Kimi at or call (03)5981 8008 or PM us on Facebook!

There’s no guess work here and we have all bases covered. Commit to your health today!

Our scan will provide you with measurable objective goals which we will help you put into action and ultimately achieve your peak fitness. Our team will guide, support and enable you to improve your health through our exclusive challenge.
Challenge features:

  • Initial and final scans
  • Weekly Challenge-only participants group training sessions
  • Initial and final physical/fitness assessments
  • Reduced rate group training sessions for the challenge participants
  • Food and exercise diaries
  • Access to email and a closed Facebook group for support, inspiration and advice between us and other participants

Major Prize will be given to the participant with the most outstanding results at the end of the challenge.  The prize will not just take into account any body composition changes but also effort outside of the clinic. Major and Minor Prizes include
*1 Month Group Fitness Pass
*2 x 30 min Private Exercise Physiology Sessions with Michelle
*Equipment Gift Pack – Resistance band, Foam Roller, Chi ball

Timetable of events:
Thurs 4th. Feb 6:30-7:30                 Information and Initial Scan evening
Tues 9th. Feb 6-7pm                         First group training session and fitness assessment
Tues 16th. Feb 6-7pm                       Group Session
Tues 23nd. Feb 6-7pm                      Group Session
Tues 1st.  Mar 6-7pm                        Group Session
Tues 8t.h Mar 6-7pm                        Group Session
Tues 15th.Mar 6-7pm                       Group Session
Thurs 17th Mar 6:30-7:30pm         Final Scan, Fitness Testing, Presentation and Prizes

Group training sessions available: (see also Mind-Body Online, our online booking app)

MONDAY  Class Instructor
7:00 AM – 8:00 AM Circuit Brendan Potter
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM Mat Pilates Amanda Alosi
6:00 PM – 7:00PM Challenge-only participants Michelle or Kimi
WEDNESDAY Class Instructor
6:30 AM – 7:30 AM Circuit Brendan Potter
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM Mat Pilates Kimi Broadbent
THURSDAY Class Instructor
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM Boxing Brendan Potter
FRIDAY Class Instructor
9:15 AM – 10:15 AM Mum’s Pilates Hour Amanda Alosi
10:30 AM – 11:30 AM Senior’s Pilates Amanda Alosi

More information on our classes can be found at, we hope that we have been able to cater for everybody and all abilities.

Option 1: 2 x Scans only = $60
Option 2: 2 x scans + 1 group training session per week= $150
Option 3: 2 x scans + 2 group training session per week= $240
Option 4: 2 x scans + 3 group training session per week= $330

Options 2-4 have the ability to attend the dedicated weekly group training sessions and physical/fitness testing exclusive to challenge participants, have access to our facebook support page, receive inspirational emails and be in the running for a major prize.

Option 1 may be a good option for those who already have healthy exercise and nutrition habits but would like a better indication of what their body composition is.  It would also suit those athletes in pre-season or in a competitive phase to gain an insight on how their current training is progressing.

We are really looking forward to teaming up with State of Mind Therapy and Composition Nutrition to bring you a mindset-nutrition-exercise approach to your health goals.

To register your interest for the scan and the challenge please contact either Kimi or Michelle on or (03)5981 8008 or you can PM us on Facebook!

Staff feature: Amanda Alosi


What got you into Pilates and why do you love it?

I discovered Pilates 10 years ago this year, after suffering from whiplash, dizziness, headaches and nausea for 12 months after a car accident. I love Pilates, it is so powerful, that when taught correctly, it makes your entire body stronger and more flexible in no time and keeps the mind in the moment.

Why did you become a Pilates instructor?

From the first moment of relief from my symptoms, I knew at some stage in my journey I wanted to help people through Pilates.

As an instructor, what is your main area of interest in regards to conditions? Why?

My main area of interest is neck pathologies, I empathise and relate to the suffering people go through and I can’t wait for them to feel the relief that Pilates will give them!

What are your interests/ hobbies?

My second passion is gardening. I enjoy time with my two boys in the veggie patch. For me the combination of Pilates, gardening and my Christian faith provides a healing environment for my mind body and soul! I also enjoy bush walking, dancing, sport, and quality time with my family and pets.

Tell us about your favourite Pilates success story.

I have more than one favourite but I will stick with the topic of Neck pathology.  In short: A lovely lady came to me approx 6 months ago, suffering from a tight neck, headaches and shoulders which were sitting so high with tension.  After discovering she’d suffered for about 20 years, I was excited to start working with her. This lovely lady couldn’t engage her core without feeling tension at the very top of her head, along with her shoulders wanting to switch on with every move. After a very short time, her shoulders and neck muscles switched off, shouders were relaxed and level and all tension from her neck and upper body had gone, as well as gaining overall body strength.It was such an honour to hear her excitement and achievement in such a short time. This is an example why I love my job and find it so rewarding!