Staff feature: Amanda Alosi


What got you into Pilates and why do you love it?

I discovered Pilates 10 years ago this year, after suffering from whiplash, dizziness, headaches and nausea for 12 months after a car accident. I love Pilates, it is so powerful, that when taught correctly, it makes your entire body stronger and more flexible in no time and keeps the mind in the moment.

Why did you become a Pilates instructor?

From the first moment of relief from my symptoms, I knew at some stage in my journey I wanted to help people through Pilates.

As an instructor, what is your main area of interest in regards to conditions? Why?

My main area of interest is neck pathologies, I empathise and relate to the suffering people go through and I can’t wait for them to feel the relief that Pilates will give them!

What are your interests/ hobbies?

My second passion is gardening. I enjoy time with my two boys in the veggie patch. For me the combination of Pilates, gardening and my Christian faith provides a healing environment for my mind body and soul! I also enjoy bush walking, dancing, sport, and quality time with my family and pets.

Tell us about your favourite Pilates success story.

I have more than one favourite but I will stick with the topic of Neck pathology.  In short: A lovely lady came to me approx 6 months ago, suffering from a tight neck, headaches and shoulders which were sitting so high with tension.  After discovering she’d suffered for about 20 years, I was excited to start working with her. This lovely lady couldn’t engage her core without feeling tension at the very top of her head, along with her shoulders wanting to switch on with every move. After a very short time, her shoulders and neck muscles switched off, shouders were relaxed and level and all tension from her neck and upper body had gone, as well as gaining overall body strength.It was such an honour to hear her excitement and achievement in such a short time. This is an example why I love my job and find it so rewarding!